Our Formats


This is so much more than just one event.

48forward started as a one-day-conference back in 2015. Over the years, we added more and more formats to what is now a whole universe of platforms, initiatives, and events - online and offline, analog and digital.

We want our partners to be part of all those formats to offer an outstanding range of possibilities - and a one of a kind outreach.



Our hybrid flagship event

The 48forward Festival

20-21 April 2021

Two fully packed days and an amazing location are going to create the frame for a one of a kind hybrid event: The upcoming 48forward Festival will be larger than ever before with both a virtual and analogue international audience.

We are looking forward to welcome more than 100 speakers from all over the world on our stages to talk about the future – and to discuss the importance of resilience and love in times of rapid change.

Our bi-monthly virtual sessions

A Virtual Call For Resilience

Volume One - 18 February 2021

In 2020 we developed a whole new virtual show format that attracted more than 20.000 attendees from all over Europe in three different sessions. We are looking forward to extend this format into a new year, with a new main-theme and amazing experts for outstanding insights on our virtual stage.

Those sessions are going to take place every two months, starting from February on. We expect around 5.000 attendees to tune in per show and are going to publish the various sessions of those shows on our 48forward Academy platform and selected parts also on our public social media channels.




The Virtual Platform

The 48forward Academy

More than 20.000 users.

The 48forward Academy was launched in April and is soon going to be Europe‘s leading virtual platform for future topics. More than 20.000 users already signed up to learn more about our 48forward-core-topics.

We currently count a total of about 210.000 video views and the numbers are growing on a daily basis.

We are not only publishing innovative masterclasses and interesting interviews on this platform but also all our live conferences and shows – which extends the reach of those formats to all academy users.

The 48forward Online Magazine


The central content hub for future topics.

The fwrdthinkers online magazine attracts more than 150.000 readers per month – and became the central content hub for all 48forward topics and formats.

The platform developed into a leading voice for innovation and future topics and informs the 48forward community with news, interviews and interestuíng guest articles from industry leaders.


Our Podcast Originals

The 48forward Podcasts

Explore the future by listening our podcasts.

The fwrdthinkers podcast became an essential part of our 48forward content network. Our weekly episodes with interesting guests from different industries attract more than 15.000 followers across various platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Soundcloud.

In 2020 we started to develop various additional podcast formats that are produced by The 48forward Studios. They are going to launch within the upcoming weeks and will be an integral part of our network.