It is about time for something new.

Our world is getting more and more complex - that's why a single annual conference or festival wouldn't be enough. We need to do more to explain, to explore and understand what's going to change our daily lives and work.

We do need strong partners to join our mission - and offer valuable platforms and formats for their topics and ideas.

Join us on our journey to shape a future we all want to live in!

Our main-theme for 2021

Resilience x Love

A year ago, most of us defined our society and economy as progressive, prospering, future-proof, and secure. A couple of months later, we had to learn that everything can change from one moment to another - just by the outbreak of a disease that lead to an international pandemic.

The security we felt before the chaos set in was an illusion. But it made us sluggish and lazy. We haven't been ready for change or disruption because we did everything to secure the status quo.

Besides all the negative effects of the pandemic, we now have the singular opportunity to make a change. We need to learn from what went wrong; we need to be resilient, bold, and social.

It's the best moment in time and the last to make the world a better place for us and generations to come.

About 48forward

Our Mission

In times of hate, dystopia and rapid change we have to focus on what has to be done to shape a desirable future, a future we all want to live and work in. A future economy and society that is able to deal with upcoming technological, social and cultural challenges.

48forward was founded in 2015 with the mission to create a series of events, shows and editorial formats about social, cultural and technological trends to explore their impact on different life and economic areas.

Our world is getting more and more complex. We need to connect the dots of innovation, technology and social trends to become future-proof.

48forward’s main-theme for 2021 will be all about resilience and love – and we are going to create various formats to learn more about what needs to be done to shape a desirable future.

Our focus topics


Society &

There will be massive changes to our society through various factors – positive and negative changes. Join us for a deep dive into what will be next and how politics is going to support or endanger those movements.

Technology &

Technology and data will be a big enabler for various improvements and further optimization. This topic will have an intensive look at what is going to happen, what technologies will have the most significant impact and how data might help.

Planet &

Our planet will survive whatever humanity is going to do. But if we are not going to find solutions to slow down global warming we are not going to be able to live on this planet forever. Let’s have a look at what can be done!

Arts &

What will the future of arts and culture look like? What trends are going to impact these fields? Let’s have an optimistic outlook on what might happen and also take a look on what has to be done to protect the good.

Creating value for economy and society.

Creating value for economy and society.

Our Formats

Hybrid Events

Our hybrid events united thousands of attendees - offline and online. We strongly believe that the time of quantity over quality is finally over. That's why we create events that focus on a smaller but curated offline audience enriched by a larged virtual outreach.

Virtual Shows

Our virtual sessions are all about providing information on our focus topics. They are produced in a way that is similar to a TV show - visual, editorial and fully packed with interesting insights.


Our online magazine and various podcast formats play a major role to fulfill our mission. Our editorial team does everything to create valuable formats with an fantastic outreach.


The 48forward Academy offers a membership community of innovative and creative minds that has access to all our virtual sessions, exclusive additional video formats and masterclasses.

We want you!

We are looking for solvers that are thinking outside of the box. We are reaching out to those who want to find true solutions instead of PowerPoint presentations.

We need to work on what needs to be done to create a sustainable future for all of us – one that works for our society and our economy.

Let‘s build solutions to face upcoming challenges!

We are not looking for partners that are just paying to get on stage to do their sales pitch and leave. Being a 48forward partner means more than that.

A true 48forward partner is an essential part of the value we create for our community. That‘s why we prefer to create a set of elements for our partners that creates value for both sides. A package that is not focussed on one event, but on several formats during a period of 12 months.

Our Audience

Our virtual and analogue audience is fully packed with international decision makers that work on strategy, innovation and technology topics in mid-sized and large corporations.

They want to make a change, they want to learn how to have a positive impact.

We provide the best of both worlds: Massive reach via our virtual audience to promote the topics that are important for you and a handpicked offline audience that makes it easy to find valuable leads.